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We are good at project management, one product is also produced and delivered on time.

Product classification

 [Bolt]                                      [screw/tight/top wire]                                    [Stud/Screw/Flange]                                  [Combination Screws]                                 
  [Nuts]                                    [Washer/Lock/Disc/Flexible]                                  [Retaining ring/ring ring/circle]                                  [Steel column]                                 
  [Push key]                                  [blind rivets/riveting/riveting]                                  [Self-tapping/wood]                                  [Wrench]                                 
 [Threaded Set]                                    [Welding Screws]                                  [Nozzle, plug, throat plug]                                  [Nylon plastic]                                 
  [Ritting]                                   [Hoop/Hose]                                  [Expansion Bolt/Chemical Anchor]                                  [Building Installations]                                 

Plating classification

Blackout                                  Yellow Zinc-Color Zinc                          Komet                                  Glue-resistance                                 
Phosphoration                                  Dacro                                  Mechanical galvanizing                                  Teflon                                 
 White zinc plating                                  Nickel plating                                  Hot-dip zinc                                                                  
 Blue White Zinc                                  Copper plating                                  Electrophoresis                                                                  
 Black Zinc                                  Chrome plating                                  Cadmium plating                                                                  

Material classification